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To accomplish our mission of spreading IT all around the world we teach lessons that are integral to IT advancement. Some of the IT tools we include in our exceptional training are Linux, Github, Dynatrace, Grafana, Cfengine, Ansible, Jenkins, Splunk, and Data Center&Cloud). People even say our prices are more reasonable than other IT training companies. To find out our prices for the training please book a consultation at 312-508-3980 or


Why Choose us


We have pledged to the world for threefold results. Since the beginning, these have kept us in check:
Increasing worldwide access to high-quality IT education and training .
Enhance classroom instruction and online learning.
Conducting research to enhance instruction and learning.
We offer the following courses of study:
Linux, Data centre, Github, Cfengine, Ansible, Jenkins, Splunk, Grafana, Dynatrace and Cybersecurity Framework and Risk

Our Mission


In SM-Numeric community, we are on a mission to make IT education accessible to all.
We offer engaging and interactive online courses that cover a range of IT topics,
empowering learners with the skills they need to thrive in the digital age. Join us on
this exciting journey!

Our Visions


Through a robust IT training and education for our students at all levels, we aim to advance
digital trust. With training resources created by our professionals, we deliver our best to promote
learning capabilities in our clients. Additionally, our Career Centre provides you with resources like job
boards, career mapping, and mentorships to put you on the road to success

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